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We will be showing the film December 15th
at 9:30pm.

This will be at the Varsity theater 1207 25th st Des Moines across from Drake. Two after parties as well. El Bait Shop in Des Moines and at the Rehab Bar & Grill in Grimes.


Ethan, an ex-con, is planted back into his rural Iowa hometown to start life over and build a relationship with a daughter that was born while he was inside. But a vengeful, controlling Sheriff and the peering, vindictive eyes of small town paranoia, keep Ethan and his family on edge.

With the Sheriff willing to stop at nothing to exact his revenge and Ethan desperate to keep his family safe and intact, this spellbinding thriller will keep the audience caught up and tense from the opening frame to mind blowing sequence of the last seven minutes.


  • Adam Meirick
  • Annette Duffy
  • Amy Meyers
  • Michael Banks
  • Kar Gustafson
  • Daniel Selby

Adam Meirick

Born in the Midwestern state of Iowa, Adam's path to acting began in his senior year of high school, where he turned a mere love of movies into the lead part in his school play. After that, Meirick decided to pursue acting with a greater interest. He looked to whatever project he could get his hands on. While he attended the University of Northern Iowa, he sought after plays, shorts, student films, and writing his own work, to continue to grow within the arts. Then, in 2008, he gained a supporting role in the 70s throwback horror film The Season. A film in which he was also given the opportunity to take on the behind the scenes role of producer. After that he landed another role in Underground, furthering his ambitions to work in film. While prominently chasing after acting roles, Adam also continues to work behind the scenes as much as he can to stay active in the industry.

Annette Duffy

Annette Duffy may be new to film work but no stranger to the stage. She has been appearing at local & regional theatres for many years. As a versatile actor, she has portrayed Golde in Fiddler On the Roof, Ernestina in Hello Dolly, Miss Lynch in Grease as well as Mother Goose in Honk to name a few. I appreciate the opportunity and encouragement that Thor has offered me during the making of this film.

Amy Meyers

Amy Meyers is a talented, hard working, and accomplished young actress. She loves acting, sports, singing, and her friends! Amy has also competed as a gymnast at Chow’s Gymnastics for 3 years. Amy has competed at The Chow’s Winter Classics as well as the The Cancun Classics in 2011. These skills certainly came in handy for her physical role portraying "MARY" in the IOWA movie.

Michael Banks

Michael has appeared in commercials, in movies, and on the stages of several local Des Moines area community theaters.

Roles have included "Captain Billy Bones" in 'Treasure Island' and Charlie's "Grandpa Joe" in 'Charlie & The Chocolate Factory'.

He also snagged a couple 'extra' roles in both "Dead Awake" and "The Crazies" movies when they were shot in Iowa.

Commercial roles for Homemaker's Furniture and Mercy Hospital, among others, have helped to round out his professional experience.

Kar Gustafson

Kar Gustafson is a small town Minnesota girl that started acting when she was 6 years old. Since discovering her passion to perform Kar has been in over 60 theatrical productions at the community, college, and professional level. Some of her most loved roles include Kate in Bedroom Farce, the Evil Queen in Snow White, and Jonathan in Arsenic and Old Lace. Besides performing on the stage, some of Kar’s favorite acting experiences include teaching and directing children in theater camps each summer, helping to train hostage negotiation SWAT teams in Minnesota, and getting the experience of being in front of the camera in her first feature film, “Iowa.” Kar lives out in the country of Dallas Center, Iowa with her family. When she is not acting she keeps busy selling insurance, writing, and fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Daniel Selby

Daniel Selby, a native of Berkeley, CA has been acting for most of his life, beginning at age seven. Starting in theater in the San Francisco bay area, Daniel has been featured in numerous theater performances such as Fruitcakes, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Lesson, Machinal, The Dancing Game and Murder at the Vicarage. With the help of his first agent Daniel transitioned from theater to film and television while living in Los Angeles. For a number of years in his youth Daniel also modeled for Sears, JC Penny and Mervyn's. Also having been a singer Daniel recorded a number of successful albums in the 1970's and 1980's and is currently recording one for release spring of 2013. When not acting Daniel can be found working on numerous books. The first, Passages of Time, (Book One, of a series of three, is a novelized autobiography) will be published this winter. Working on the film IOWA was a career highlight for Daniel.



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Thor Moreno

Thor Moreno, an Iowa native, is a writer, director and editor. After seven years of perfecting his craft by working on music videos and short films in California, he returned to Iowa to direct his first feature film, "I Think I Just Saw the Devil," which has received critical acclaim and multiple nominations. Moreno immediately started work on this next project, the controversial film, "IOWA." The film is scheduled for release by Christmas 2012, and social networks are already buzzing with excitement. Without missing a beat, he began pre-production on "Murder Incorporated" to be shot in the spring of 2013. Along with the anticipation of more exciting projects, Thor Moreno is showing no signs of slowing from this breakneck pace.

Thor Moreno